What i do

My Expertise


Problem statements, Products, Concepts, Papers

Machine Learning

Mining, Pattern analysis, NLP, Image processing


Asset Tokenization, Chain of custody, Transaction Processor

API Design

Logic, DB design, Algo Design

Product Scaling

Code optimization, Microservices, SOA

Custom Algorithms

black box solutions to be exposed as APIs

ML and Deep Learning

Keras / Torch / Caffe / Custom


Fabric / Indy / Composer


Rails / Django / MEA(R)N / Iris / Laravel

Custom Implementations

HTML / CSS / JS / RN / Java / C / C++ / C# / Python / Lua / Ruby / Go / Android

Checkout a few of my works


Blockchain for the mail - don't let Google control you

Encrypted and Secured email on the blockchain. Every user can potentially run a node and every user has permissioned access to a truly distributed system which relies of trust... or rather the lack of it

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How To Trend

Detect Upcoming Twitter Trends and Estimate Fake News

The non-Parametric estimation model for detecting which Social Media is about to trend has been engineered to make your topic trend by targeting trend points for propagation of Entity to Trend

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Your AI Dance Mentor

Time series Pose Estimation against a song rhythm to determine the position matrix for an incoming video thereby adding a layer or live feedback to the student

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NLP Systems

Order Bot and Feedback Classifier

NLP toolkit with part of speech, context and entity recognition along with Sentiment Analysis. Part 1 is used for the order taking system of our e-commerce Framework, while part 2 serves as an outlook plugin to classify feedback mails as positive and negative along with extent of positivity

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Health Connect

The Centralized HealthCare Platform

Healthcare platform with patient monitoring and wearable devices integration to give a seamless experience in chronic disease care for Doctors and patients

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Stats and Facts

First, solve the problem. Then, write the code

Here's some numbers to crunch

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Special thanks to JAVA / JS / PHP for 1,500K of these

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